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LED Tri-proof light X6
  • LED Tri-proof light X6
  • LED Tri-proof light X6
  • LED Tri-proof light X6
  • LED Tri-proof light X6
  • LED Tri-proof light X6
LED Tri-proof light X6

  • Key Features

    • The structure is novel and the appearance is beautiful

    • high efficiency and energy saving, light efficiency up to 95LM / W

    • Design life is up to 50000H or more

    • soft light, uniform brightness

    • the product is safe and reliable, waterproof IP65

    • the product is green and environmentally friendly

  • Technical Features

    > Input Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz

    > Power Factor: PF>0.90

    > Color Index: Ra>80

    > Lumens maintenance @6000h: >80%

    > Switching cycle before failure: 100,000

    > Life Span: 50,000 hours

    > Warranty: 5 years

    > Operation Temperature: -25°C~+45°C

    > Storage Temperature: -25°C~+55°C

    • Application

      > Industrial Lighting: Factory, Warehouse, etc

      > Commercial Lighting: Office, Supermarket,Hotel, Exhibition hall,etc.

      > Public Lighting: Residence, Library, Hospitals,School, MTR station, Train station, Bus station,Airport, etc.

    • Data sheet

    • Photoelectric Test report(Enclosure)

    • Dimension  Unit: mm

    • Installation

Why Choose CREP?

As a nationally certified high-tech enterprise and Shenzhen Semiconductor
Lighting Executive Vice President Unit Association.

  • National High-tech Enterprise (China)
  • R&D team with more than 30 engineers,
    who have over 5 years experience of LED
    lighting design
  • Advanced automatic manufacturing system in LED lighting industry
  • Excellent Supply Chain Management
  • Strict and standard Quality Management
  • Over 30 professional International Sales and after-sales team
  • Product certifications for major global
    countries & area
  • Public listed company with strong capital
    guarantee by IPO
  • Focus on corporate humanistic care and
    employee benefit

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