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Our slogan: Quality first, Customer first, Full participation, Continuous improvement.

    • Depot Inspection: Check if all the details, including the specifications information, item codes, quantity information are in line with the detailed requirements of the corresponding production task. Full inspection carried out by Incoming Quality Control team
    • Quality Inspection: Check if the physical or Chemical Specifications of the raw materials are accord with the specification requirements. Sampling inspection carried our by Quality Control team;
    • Trial Production Inspection: Check if the output according to the Standard Operation of Production can match the certain requirements made by the clients. Sampling inspection carried our by Quality Control team;

    • With the inspection of all the equipments,auxiliary tools and materials, raw materials & the confirmation of Standard Operation of Production included;
    • All the inspection regulations are instituted by the Quality Control Department of CREP and each of the regulations are carried out strictly according to the certain procedure;
    • For each batch of products, the Inspection Record would be instituted from the beginning of the production procedure: Incoming Inspection. For all the products, each procedure can be traced easily;
    • “One-vote negation” is applied to each procedure of the inspections;
    • Each of the non-conforming products would be sent back to the latest procedure to receive a full inspection. Those can not pass the full inspection would be gathered at the “Defects Area” to received further handling;

    To check if the details of the products are accord with the labels, confirming if the packing is clean & sealed well. Visual Inspection carried out by the Quality Control Team.

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